Flores Menegakis LLC


Experience – Small Caseloads – Compassion 

Flores Menegakis LLC is a boutique law firm dedicated to zealously fighting for our clients both within and outside of the courtroom.  Partners, Alesia Flores and Allie Menegakis, represent their clients in court and also advocate for broader criminal justice reform via their nonprofit organization, South Carolina for Criminal Justice Reform (SC4CJR).  Alesia and Allie founded Flores Menegakis LLC with the goal of creating a law firm that keeps small caseloads so as to provide regular communication and support to each client.  With their combined decades of experience and passion for the work, Allie and Alesia (often coined “the A team”) are a formidable force.  We provide our cell phone numbers to our clients so they can contact us at any time with any questions or concerns.  We pride ourselves in zealously representing our clients while providing the compassion and regular contact that clients need and deserve. 

Criminal Defense

Civil Rights

Family Law

Personal Injury